Takeaways From Now and Later — Wrapping Up the 2018 KCDMA Symposium


Three writers set out from their cozy midtown agency (heaters turned to full blast in a losing battle against the January chill) to explore emerging – and tried-and-true – marketing trends at the 2018 KCDMA Symposium, “Marketing Now & Later: Planning for the Future.”

Hmm, I could use this for a feel-good screenplay.

Lizzie, Lis and I each came away from the event with a unique list of highlights and learnings.

So here are the golden nuggets I hope will help you now…AND later. (If you can’t take the pun, get outta the kitchen?)

  • In the opening keynote “Focusing on the One,” Ian Baer described how “webrooming” leads customers and constituents to expect seamless navigation between platforms, and information on the same areas of interest across channels. So, forming a cohesive brand and brand voice. Always important, yes?
  • Quinn Tempest, a fellow content marketing maven, was speaking our language. She recommends all organizations spend at least 10 minutes optimizing content for web search…because “the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of the Google search results.”
  • Quinn went on to say, “long gone are the days of the marketing department working in its own silo.” Pulling knowledge from all areas and departments inspires exceptional copy.
  • Angie Read, conductor of research and co-author of a new book on Generation Z, shared insight into what motivates the first generation of true digital natives.
    • Members of Gen Z choose companies that align with their personal brand and values.
    • “If you’re going to market equality, you better be sure your organizational model backs it up.”
  • Heather Physioc of VML shared what’s to come in voice search. “If you’re not answering real human questions with exceptional content, you’re veering off the path of righteousness.”

I have quite a bit to chew on from this event. And that’s not even taking into account the dozens of Now and Later candies lining my coat pockets.

Did you attend the KCDMA’s 2018 Symposium? What are your highlights?

Social Justice Advocate & Semi-Famous Tweeter Lands at M&C

M&C is pleased to announce Lis Schumacher has recently joined the team as a Copywriter.

Lis and Zi’yerra “Zippy” near the finish line at a Girls on the Run race.

Lis and Zi’yerra “Zippy” near the finish line at a Girls on the Run race.

Prior to joining M&C, Lis interned for several local organizations, including Operation Breakthrough and the Boy Scouts Heart of America Council. She’s an experienced writer and communicator, and looks forward to working with a wide range of nonprofit organizations at M&C.

Lis is a firm believer that one small act of kindness can change the world, and every person is deserving of human dignity.

At Rockhurst University, she was involved with organizations that embraced these words and carried out them out daily. She joined the social justice club on campus, which gave her the opportunity to lobby twice about immigration and criminal justice in Washington, D.C.

She also advocated on behalf of her campus’s Fair Trade Initiative to both faculty and students. Rockhurst was named the first Fair Trade Designated University in Missouri last year.

When there was a need for an interfaith group on campus, she helped create SEEK (Spiritually Engaging Everyone’s Knowledge), which provides people of all faiths with a space to connect, learn and grow with one another.

One of her favorite activities in her free time is coaching a Girls on the Run team. This program builds self-confidence in girls, empowers them to believe in their limitless potential, and integrates running with the end goal of running a 5k together that completes the season. Whether she is learning the newest “hip” dances from the girls, being the go-to piggyback ride giver, or simply seeing one of the girls cross the 5k finish line with a big smile on her face, every moment she spends as coach is a gift she is beyond grateful for.

Fun fact: One of Lis's tweets has been featured on a Buzzfeed article. Unfortunately, it was about the breakup of one of her favorite Hollywood couples.

Another fun fact: she loves to kayak but does not know how to swim, so it is always an interesting adventure.

Final fun fact: Malala Yousafzai liked one of her tweets. Lis hopes to someday reach that level of friendship with Beyoncé.