A Shot in the Arm ...

Attended the National Philanthropy Day breakfast, and I have to say it warmed the cockles of me cold black heart. Especially right now, those in the non-profit field need a shot in the arm – some inspiration and a little pep talk to stay the course.

Terry Snapp, Master of Ceremonies at the breakfast and a consultant for Hartsook, stressed emphasizing mission and remembering that not one person wants to give something away, but everyone wants to help out (I paraphrase …).

As the economy continues to tank, and we continue to write copy for hardworking organizations that want to help out others get an education … get medical attention … be safe … be nourished … I keep those words in the back of my mind.

Having an honest, candid conversation inspires donors’ trust and lets them know you appreciate their gift. We’re finding it’s the best way to remain hopeful and retain the support of steadfast contributors.

Stay the course - it'll get better.