Mitzvah Marketing

The term mitzvah is from the Jewish tradition. Loosely translated, it’s a commandment to do good. It has come to refer to any act of thoughtfulness or kindness.

It’s a great concept for living. In fact, my business coach makes a personal game of it … trying to see how many mitzvahs he can rack up in a day.

It’s a great marketing concept, too. What can you do for your customers (or prospects) to make life better for them? True customer service. Genuine. Proactive. Practical. Unexpected. Not self-centered.

Of course, it’s not limited to external customers either. What if you did a mitzvah or two for a co-worker each day? Wouldn't that make a difference in your workplace?

Try it. Even just for the holidays. You may find out why the concept has stuck around so long!

Bob M.