No Time to Wallow

I was chatting with a another copywriter last week. She asked me how many ways I had learned to say "times are tough ... things are hard ... the economy is sinking." I had to laugh because I've gotten pretty good at exactly that. Who hasn't?

But I have to say I'm ready to put all those phrases to bed. And I was refreshed to hear this month's KCDMA presenter echo that feeling.

Larry Kimmel, Chairman/CEO, G2 Direct & Digital, gave a one hour shot in the arm to over 100 KC marketing professionals. It was the same presentation he gave at the national DMA conference last October to thousands.

The message wasn't revolutionary–but it was exactly that message we needed to hear. Stay the course. Do what you do, only better. Know your customers really, really well. Communicate meaningfully. Don't surrender to fear.

He also reminded us that despite the failures we keep hearing about, success is happening and opportunity it out there.

So that's the mindset I'm moving forward with. I hope you're in!