Overwhelmed by Overload?

There are more than 70 million blogs and 150 million Web sites today—a number that is expanding at a rate of approximately ten thousand an hour. Two hundred and ten billion e-mails are sent each day.”

A recent Columbia Journalism Review article – “Overload! Journalism’s battle for relevance in an 
age of too much information” – offers a daunting perspective for any communicator … journalist or marketer!

But it also underscores the importance of noticing – and nurturing – relationships already in place.

Too many organizations take a “one size fits all” approach to communicating with customers…or donors…or prospects. Yet, time and again we see that tailoring messages to the information needs of a particular sub-group can pay off:

• A conference organizer found that emails with content targeted by industry segment had open rates up to 38% higher (and click-through rates up to 24% higher) than more general emails.
• A food bank found that increasing advocates by 1% could generate more than 4.8 times as much revenue as an additional 1% of new donors.
• A veterans organization nearly doubled eNewsletter open rates with a subject line targeted specifically to members.

It is, indeed, a “battle for relevance.”

And you have to build your case quickly…and continually.

The more you can tailor your communications to the information recipients want (and/or need), the more likely it is your message will be considered relevant.

Or considered at all!

- Bob M.