What's a Marketer to Do?

I'm registering my latest pet peeve. See the video camera icon next to stories on CNN? Nice use of technology, right? WRONG.

When you click the link, you're immediately transported to a video area where you must watch a commercial before viewing the news item. Like a Pavlovian dog, I've stopped clicking on these stories.

But despite my personal disdain for the forced ad, I do find myself asking, "what's a marketer to do?" We have to communicate to sell. But how?

At the DMA Conference a few months ago, consumer preference was the talk of the town. Consumers are shutting marketing messaging down. Push communication is dying. In short, the bar just went up.

Instead of feeling despair, I feel more hopeful than ever. It's not that people don't want marketing messages ... it's that they have no room for irrelevance. So that makes our job of finding the right message ... the right medium ... the right timing ... more important than ever. Challenging, yes? Insurmountable, never!