Is it time to retire the “old” rules?

Well, maybe not retire, but at least relegate to a status of “That’s a given.”

And then move our focus to something a little more meaningful.

I recently heard a speaker reference the “60-30-10” rule: “your list accounts for 60% of your results; your offer 30%, and package/creative 10%.”

With all due respect to industry pioneers half a century ago, I think this has reached platitude status.

Success today demands a perspective that’s a little less linear and a little more holistic … an approach that allows you to juggle multiple variables:
- the right message
- with the right offer
- to the right audience
- in the right media
- at the right time

Is list important? Sure. In fact, in today’s data-driven marketplace, it may be more important than ever.

But, so is everything else.

What’s more, a mis-fire on any one of these elements may undermine the effectiveness of all of them!