Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Story!

Just got back from KC Rep’s production of “The Arabian Nights.” What a delightful and well-done production; I encourage you to see it if you get the chance.

I was captivated from the outset … and struck again by the power of story telling.

Scheherezade (in case you don’t remember) is literally weaving a tale for her very life. Within the central drama are a number of shorter stories … as many as 1,001, reputedly added or omitted as the original tellers needed to fit the audience at hand.

It seems to me there are similarities with the corporate narrative. As Alan Weber says, "every story has a point; every point has a story."

Your ability to make that point, of course, depends on your ability to tell the story. With anecdotes. Testimonials. Case studies. Demonstrations. Analogies. Even reports on events. Not just as a single isolated spiel, but as a consistent, coherent, collective…tied together around a common theme.

There's a scene in the second act when a number of stories are being told at once. In this production, to indicate the passage of time.

In real life, that technique is far less effective. It’s disconcerting. Distracting. Dissonant.

We’d do well to brush up on our story-telling skills!