All About the Weird Science

If ever there was a time to feel proud about being in direct marketing, it was March 24, 2009. This day represented the third and final installment in the DM Days learning series and also the AMBIT award celebration (honoring excellence in direct marketing).

The sessions were amazing (and I'm not just saying that as prez of KCDMA!). The day kicked off with a fantastic SEO case study (Ken Robbins, Response Mine Interactive), continued with a mind-blowing overview of mobile marketing (Angela Ridpath, Pamela Butler, Bernstein-Rein) and ended with a great nuts and bolts look at email marketing (Dave Cacioppo, Emfluence).

But the show didn't stop there. The AMBIT awards ceremony, dubbed Weird Science, lived up to its name. The evening was filled with music, cocktails, a fog machine (yes!) and an extremely upbeat attitude despite the challenges of this past year.

Merrigan & Co. took home awards for Conference Marketing (HydroVision and Trends in Agriculture). Made me proud as always of our small yet mighty team.

Here's to new experiments in the months ahead!