Direct Marketers - Our Time is Now

Several years ago, I watched marketing futurist Don Libey stand on stage in KC and extol the virtues of direct marketing. He predicted that all marketing would soon be direct ... and that those of us with DM skills would be primed and ready.

Libey's title of "futurist" is apparently well deserved.

Fast forward to present day and this article in Ad Age—Campaign Optimization: Not Just for the Direct Guys Anymore.

In the article, Milan Martin says "Hey, in 2009, there's simply no excuse for campaigns that aren't built to create measurable action."

Really? In my world, there never has been.

Turns out, amidst the recession, even the largest companies are demanding more accountability from their advertising.

But in truth, most organizations have never had the luxury of throwing money at colossal brand advertising with big media spends (and never have). That's why direct marketers hold ourselves to a higher standard: working with surgical precision ... finding the right people ... crafting just the right message ... tracking results ... and adjusting on the fly.

The recession hasn't created direct marketing, just underscored its importance. Just as Libey predicted.

Cheers to the future—and cheers to you Mr. Libey!