I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost ...

I ain't afraid of monsters either ... And now, neither are the members of Kansas City's Central Exchange.

Yesterday Merritt and I co-presented "Writing Without Fear." It was a pleasure to meet the group who joined us in Overland Park. We laughed and learned a lot from each other. If you're reading this and you were among the brave souls who joined us to slay the monsters that threaten effective communication and writing, let me say "Thank you!" Merritt and I had a great time and enjoyed meeting you.

During the presentation, we mentioned a couple books and some websites. People were asking about them, so I thought I'd list them here on the blog.

Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, Chip Heath and Dan Heath

John Armato's blog on Living a Life of Ideas is here.

Ann Wylie can be found here.

If you joined us for Tuesday's presentation and would like to explore some of what we talked about further, please email Merritt or me from the site, and we'll be in touch. Or, you can use the comments function on this blog.

Thanks so much - and don't fear the writing boogeyman under the bed.