Drinking Through a Fire Hose

One of my favorite professors in grad school used to call her main course, "Drinking Through a Fire Hose." I always liked that (not the workload in her class) but the characterization. Still today, I find that phrase applies well to a lot of things—especially marketing.

As a consumer, I want information. I need information. But how much can one actually consume? Every day, someone asks me if I'm tweeting or using Facebook. I know I need to stay on top of industry trends, local news, national headlines. I want to stay current, I do ... but sheesh!

It's no wonder marketers have to leap tall buildings to reach today's consumer. They're drinking through a fire hose—quite literally!

Last week, at the June KCDMA meeting, I had the good fortune to see eMarketing expert Reggie Brady. She shared some eye-opening stats ...
  • Over 80% of people who visit your website never return.
  • Segmenting message (e.g., increasing relevancy) can make your marketing 8X more effective.
  • Abandoned cart emails can recoup up to 15% of sales.
What do these tell me? That the bar is rising fast ... one-size-fits-all doesn't fit anyone anymore. As consumers drink through the fire hose, they want the right message right now. Or else.

It's a great time to be a copywriter—when results are essential and messaging is the way to get them.