Cross-sell for greater loyalty!

Many organizations are reticent to cross-sell, fearing they’ll be perceived as too aggressive and pushy.

And, if you’re simply trying to generate one additional sale or donation, that may be true.

But, if your goal is to nurture greater involvement with your organization and build a better understanding of what you do, you may be able to strengthen customer relationships.

Results from recent research for a nonprofit client provide a great illustration:
  • While most (87.5%) donors responded to only one appeal, the 12.5% who responded to multiple appeals gave far more; in fact, they generated nearly 1/3 of total donor revenue.

  • Donors who responded to multiple appeals were more likely to give more, more likely to give again the following year, and more likely to increase their contribution the following year.

  • Only 6.9% of individuals who volunteered also made financial contributions. Of these, two-thirds returned to volunteer the following year … and increased their commitment by almost 30%. In contrast, 95% of the volunteers who did not make contributions also did not return to volunteer the following year.
The moral of the story?

There may be a risk in asking for greater commitment … but the return may make it well worthwhile. You’ll never know until you try!