Back to Basics

R - E – S – P – E – C - T

I can hear Aretha now, belting it out now.

Find out what it means to me.

That popped into my mind as I was reading about the House vote to rebuke Joe Wilson. There’s a lack of civility in partisan politics that cries out for a little respect.

Politics–and business–are based on mutual self-interest. On relationship. Respect is the underpinning that can allow self interest to become mutual, to grow into relationship.

If you remove that underpinning, you damage relationship.

In politics, or business.

Inflated promises. Shoddy workmanship. Price gouging. Some practices are based a lot more on self-interest than mutuality.

Sometimes it’s a lot less deliberate. The business owner who doesn’t write down part of the order and then neglects to fill it. Or promises delivery in a week, knowing full well it’ll likely be closer to two. Or underbids to get the job, and then seethes to live with the pricing.

What do you do with those lapses? Can you maintain (or restore) the relationship?

I think we have to keep reminding ourselves of the need for respect. To remember mutuality. To not focus solely on our self interest.

And to “Keep on tryin’ (just a little bit .... just a little bit)”!