Making Your Case

The other day I met a friend for coffee at The Sweet Guy.

I couldn’t help but notice the giant photos on the wall.

“Creating Passion with Chocolate” their slogan says.

And those photos – huge, dramatically lit close-ups of candies and gelatto – give testament to that claim (their products do too, btw).

At the time, I was also immersed in writing a case statement for a client’s capital campaign. I was struck by the fine line between tastefully (pun intended!) showcasing capabilities and the myopic chest-pounding that so quickly becomes off-putting.

Rather than telling me about your commitment to quality, how can you show it? How can you illustrate the need … and validate your claim to fill it?

Those photos were simple and straightforward. Dramatic and attention-getting, but still honest. Professional and well-designed, yet still in keeping with the setting. Inviting. Genuine. Believable.

Good copy should be the same.

And not just for capital campaigns, but for any case you want to make.