Enthusiasm, friends - ENTHUSIASM!!!!

So, a few weeks ago I went to lunch with a good buddy. I was considering a salad that had an intriguing name. I had no idea what the ingredients of said alluring salad were, so I asked our waiter for details.

Let me stop here. I'm asking to know more about the more expensive salad option. This cat has a chance to upgrade my purchase, upgrade my gastronomic experience (read: upgrade his tip).

So how does he describe this savory delight I'm so curious to try? Brace yourself ...

"Um, (eye rolling, lots of foot shifting), well it's pretty weird. It's got these four little, like, piles of beans on green stuff, and, I don't know, it's like - if you like weird stuff, you'll like it."

I happen to love weird stuff. But I didn't get the salad.

He didn't make the sale, not so much because he had only one adjective at his disposal ("weird" - really gets the mouth watering, doesn't it?), but because he lacked enthusiasm. He was bored, he didn't care. Ergo, I was bored. I ordered the same thing I always get.

The point? People like people who are excited about what they do. They want to be around -and do business with - folks who are all abuzz about their jobs and the projects they're working on. Folks who can convey a little zest and energy.

After my experience with the Shakespearean waiter, I'm more conscious of how I talk to clients, colleagues and team members. I know what an effect enthusiasm has on me. What about you?

Heed the wise words of Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island: "Smiles, everyone! Smiles!"