High Tech Needs High Touch

I had the good fortune to hear the opening speaker at the NAMATrends in Agriculture” conference share his perspective on “Defining the New Ag Community” today.

Dr. David M. Kohl, Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Finance and Small Business Management at Virginia Tech shared his insights on how today’s marketers can use emerging digital technologies to establish or enhance relationships with key communities.

Interestingly though, the bulk of his advice was not technology-based. Although smart phones and social media can help capitalize on new opportunities, they’re just tools.

Effective deployment usually depends on more basic relationship management skills. Like the “old fashioned A’s & P’s” Kohl cited in his close.

You have to
• be Available
• be Amenable
• have a good Attitude
• be Persistent
• be Patient
• be Polite.

Whether by email, telephone, podcast, or webinar, it’s imperative to remember you’re dealing with people.

Not just even when you’re using high tech tools … but especially so!