Graduating seniors, it's not that bad

I read an article recently that told a frightening story for the college students graduating these days. Only 10% are expected to find a job in the current economy. 10%. Wow.

Given the odds (and I think they’re getting better by the day), here’s a few pieces of advice to stack the deck in your favor.

  • Get some experience—Yeah, we’ve all heard that a million times. But here’s the thing. I’m hearing companies are creating new positions and hiring interns simply because they don’t want to lose them. Look at internships as more than just a line item on resume…but an ongoing job interview. Be willing to learn new things (even if they aren’t ultimately what you want to do).
  • Make connections--So your parent’s best friends love you. And your neighbor has adored you since you were five. This is the time to find out what they do and who they know. But be genuine, respectful and always follow up with a thank you note after they give you some advice.
  • Check your attitude at the door—Put your iPod down. Look up from your cell, and build a relationship (whether on the internship or in the interview). Your social skills can be your ticket to success or your undoing.
  • Earn your cred—My mom always said you can’t be the general before being the soldier. It’s one thing to be enthusiastic and engaged, but all-out arrogance is another. Accept assignments with positivity—every one of them is a stepping stone to your next promotion and earning the respect of your peers and superiors.