When Less Really Is More

As a copywriter, you think it would hurt my heart to admit it. But it's the truth.
Sometimes you don't need the entire story, feature, 500 word extravaganza to say what you need to say.
The longer I ply my trade, I crave brevity. Concise, effective writing that hits the mark rather than belabors the point.

It's why I love what we've come to call around here, "The extended caption."
It only takes 3 ingredients and is a great way to add movement and energy to newsletters, websites - even letter copy.

You'll need ...

1. A Glorious Photograph - No stock imagery, no grip and grins, nothing generic. The image should do most of the storytelling for you.

2. A Killer Headline – It should encapsulate the entire story, capture the feeling you want your reader to take away.

3. A Brief Description - No more than 3 sentences. Give the nitty gritty and let the photo and headline do the work.

Combine, stir and publish. Enjoy that fresh-baked smell of success.