"I Reckon So ..."

We were talking the other day about how great it is that a healthy dollop of new business has recently been heaped upon us. We heart our new clients (picture me doing the Tay-Tay Swift heart thing ... no, don’t! It's cheese! Pure cheddah!).

Tay-Tay aside, it got us thinking about what draws business to any agency. What are we doing right that's leading to new partnerships that allow us in Bob's words to "do good work for good people"?

In the spirit of Merritt Neil, I humbly propose another punchy list ...

Be a Friend

- People want to work with people they like. Blows your mind, doesn't it?

Be a Resource

– Share what you know. Give advice and suggestions to people without thinking about "new business" and "billable." The goodness will come back to you tenfold.

Be Visible

– Serve on committees and volunteer for opportunities that showcase your company's abilities. Potential clients get to see you in action and there's nothing wrong with being a good egg now is there?

Be Josey Wales

– Or, say what you mean and mean what you say. If you say you'll do something, commit to it. Don't drop the ball. Finish the project. Complete the volunteer position with vim and vigor. Make peace with Ten Bears. Just don't half-ass it.

(I'm obsessed with The Outlaw Josey Wales - I've worked him into a blog post ... my work here is done.)