I expect more of you, Nordstrom

I'm one of those people who loves my mail (as in real physical mail). If I'm in a half-sleep and remember I haven't checked my mailbox, I'll pop up to see what's in there. This Saturday, it was the Nordstrom catalog. At least 100 pages of one helluva Nordstrom catalog! Probably one of the most well-done print catalogs I've seen. Beautiful photography. Top shelf paper stock. Glossy UV coating. It is clearly someone's masterpiece. Problem is, it wasn't money well spent. The catalog was filled with designer duds, $500 watches and couture evening gowns. Uh yeah, not my speed.

So why did I get it? For one simple reason: I buy children's shoes at Nordstrom. That's right--I'm a real jetsetter. Kids' shoes.

Perhaps they took a chance on cross-selling me. But really, they'd have been better off with a 4x6 postcard telling me about an upcoming sale on children's footwear. Sometimes -- well oftentimes -- the most expensive solution just isn't the best ...