Russell Brand’s Charm School for Marketers

My unbridled affection for the lanky, lovely, hirsute Russell Brand is no secret. His wit and intelligence lashed to a folksy, self-deprecating and lightning fast delivery make him one compelling lad.

Easy on the eyes, too. He’s like a burly Nigella Lawson.

Women and men are captivated by him. Yes. Dudes, too. Dudes of the straight persuasion. There is a playfulness and endearing quality to him that goes beyond gender.

It’s charisma.

Here are my learnings from the Russell Brand Charm School. Vegetarianism and impending nuptials with Katy Perry not necessary …

Yay, Confidence – Nay, Hubris. Our man RB has earned his stripes. He knows how to be confident without being a show-off or know-it-all. Your clients expect you to be an expert. While we should all work to create an atmosphere of collaboration, they are paying you for a reason. Lead them to solutions and lead with confidence and respect.

Be a Gentleman. Russ commands attention from his audience. What he never does is mock, condescend to or patronize them. Ewwww. None of us likes to be made to feel less intelligent. You are the expert, not the wanker.

A Dash of Whimsy. Give us a laugh. Lighten the mood. When it’s appropriate, everyone can appreciate the person who takes things seriously but doesn’t TAKE THINGS SO SERIOUSLY SHE HAS VEINS BURSTING IN HER HEAD. A professional’s job is to remain unflappable, calm and cool in the face of pressure, no? Take the reins and set the tone. When possible, make it a very pleasant one.