"Make New Friends, But Keep The Old ..."

Remember that song from grade school? The next line is, "Some are silver, and the others gold." It makes me think of one of my plans for 2011.

I want to go different places and meet some new people.

It's both a personal and professional thing. Meeting new people energizes me and gets the electricity buzzin' about me brain. That buzzin' carries over into every area of life: my work, my attitude, the general pep in my step.

And there's lots to do around here (in the Kansas City, that is). I have some ideas for branching out and casting my net a little wider in the months ahead. It's not a scramble for new clients. It's not a contrived social climber thing. I think people would smell that attitude a mile away. And besides, gross.

I genuinely want to hear some new stories. Meet up at different restaurants. Partake of the incredible smorgasbord of experiences available to me in our Midwestern metropolis.

And here, I'm going to get all Oprah on you. No one cares - nor should they - if i'm personally enriched, doing well in my work and having a good time. My friends may care, but it's not their responsibility. It's mine.

I'm thinking good stuff will come from putting a little muscle behind all three of those things next year.

What do you want more of in 2011? How do you plan to get it?

Would love to hear what you're thinking about in the comments ...