Show Them, Don't Tell Them

I barely catch any commercials anymore ... thanks to my DVR, my subscription to Netflix and total impatience with anything. But one last night caught my attention. The scene opens in a preschool classroom with a circle of children playing a game of "pass the teddy bear." The bear comes to a particularly adorable little girl with a bright red nose. She lets out a giant sneeze. Then, not missing a beat, she passes the bear - the sneezed-on bear (!) - to the next child. The commercial closes with a bottle of fever reducer. A reminder to all parents that the inevitable will happen.

Simple. Funny (but not just for funny's sake).

Certainly, the commercial could have waxed poetically about statistics on the spread of germs, the superiority of the product or even the breadth of medicines available. It could have gone the Superbowl route ... flexing its creative and ironic might. But it didn't. It didn't need to.

It was a point well made. Enough said.