The Definitive & Final Snark Post - (and it's not mine!)

It's occurred to me that I spend a lot of time battling snark in my posts. A mean-spirited, and quite frankly, dull as hell trend in humor and writing today. Just read a post on Salon that is hands-down the best analysis and roundhouse kick in the business of this sad little brand of discourse.

One thing first: I'm not a saint. I think I'm so conscious of snark because I used to practice it with gusto and a pukey level of smug satisfaction that hurts my heart a little these days. But them was younger days. Certainly one of the perks of growing older should be the blinkers falling off, the perspective diving a little deeper.

Without further pontification - and cause she says it best - I give you

Lauren Frey Daisley's recount of her snark-free month.