“I’m Afraid Of Worms, Roxanne!”

I feel your pain, Stereotypical Cute Guy in Roxanne.

Remember this scene as Chris (Cute Guy) is being fed lines by Steve Martin (Guy With Big Nose, Loosely Based on Cyrano de Bergerac,– C.D. Bales) to woo the lovely Roxanne (aka, the lovely Daryl Hannah).

Let’s stroll back in time, shall we? An excerpt from the aforementioned scene in the movie ...

When I said "worms"
I meant "words", Roxanne.

Words are all used up, they are hard
to say, they have all been wasted...

...on the shampoo commercials
and the ads and the flavorings.

Hollow, beautiful words.
How can you love a floor wax?

How can you love a diaper?

How can I use the same word about you
that is used about a stuffing?

I am exploding with love,
but cannot use the word.

A copywriter has to find the word. And still not come off as contrived. Or twee. Or too cute. Or obnoxious. Or different for the sake of being different.

The best – and worst part – of being a writer. What - besides worms - gets your panties in a knot about the creative process?
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And you should rent “Roxanne” if you can find it. Sweet, sweet late 80’s goodness.