5 Misdemeanor Twitter Crimes

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Rep. Anthony Weiner has done his part to illustrate a major crime of Twitter. And sure, naked pictures—while not technically illegal—constitute awful, no good, very bad use of Twitter.

But there are other Twitter crimes—misdemeanors—that I see every day. Are you an offender?

1. The All-About-Me tweets.

Meaningful statistics and important milestones are good to share once in a while, but chances are they're more important to you than anyone else. Use them sparingly.

2. The Insider tweets.

Private conversations and inside jokes make a few people feel special and everyone else feel bored and annoyed. Strings of conversations are much better left on Facebook.

3. The Yawn tweets.

There's nothing worse than wading through endless miles of dull nuggets. How you feel, what you've recently eaten, commentary on the weather ... these all fall in this category.

4. The Press-Release-in-Costume tweets.

Twitter shouldn't just be used to push information out. You have to add value to the conversation ... contribute not just market. Sure, organizations and companies want (and need) to share information about themselves, but it shouldn't be the whole stream.

5. The Endless tweets.

I have a friend who tweets about twice a week and makes me laugh out loud. I look forward to his 140 characters. Quantity of tweets certainly doesn't mean quality. For real!