QR Codes: Enough Already

Years from now when we all jet to work in our mini-spaceships, I’m sure I’ll come to regret this blog post.

But I’m gonna say it … I don’t love QR codes. There. It’s out.

As a direct marketer, I talk to a lot of printers. A lot. We used to talk about printing. New formats. Postal savings. Hot new papers. It was bearable, dare I say interesting.

Now we talk about QR codes. Most of them are so excited they barely come up for air. Few ever even pause so I can slip in my skepticism.

QR codes are new and shiny, and everyone is caught up in them. But here’s my beef …

It takes me twice as long to get where I want to go. So you see a QR code. Pull out your phone. Carefully navigate to your app – that is, if you don’t have to take time to download one. Hold phone steady to capture (that takes a lifetime it seems). Wait for phone to navigate to mystery location.

Sheesh … I better get a pony at the end of this process. What about a simple-to-remember web address? It took about 1/10 of the time!

The content is awful (well, usually). After completing the steps above, I usually find I’ve landed into a crap abyss or just the regular website. It seems everyone is so enamored of the QR code, content is just an afterthought.

Lastly, they’re ugly. Okay, I’ll learn to love anything that’s useful. But QR codes are clunky and kind of useless. Double whammy. And no amount of making “art” out of QR codes has yet impressed me.

If QR codes have changed your life, I want to know about it. Help me understand.

I’ve been told QR codes can do other awesome things … like text message and make calls. I’d be interested in some success stories that involve actual people generating actual dollars, or even another measure of effectiveness.

Until then, I’ll be signing off as the QR code curmudgeon.

P.S. Click the QR code I just generated to be taken back to this blog. Wait, you’re already here …