Forgot Your Password?

Since no one really needs another long, censorious blog about "what really bothers me", I will keep this short and sweet.

Can we get over the mania of requiring a password and log in for EVERYTHING? Forcing me to remember another password and log in isn't a value add. It's annoying - especially for services or websites I only visit a few times a year, e.g., restaurants, online catalogs at Christmas, etc.

I understand the premise, but if the point of websites is to provide intuitive, quick options for those you serve you may want to rethink the requirement. You may build better loyalty and word of mouth by saving customers time rather than giving the illusion of "relationship" with another password.

If I need to have an account to log my rewards points. That makes sense. If I have a credit card from your shop. Fantastical.

But to make a reservation or ship a gift to a friend? That just makes me stop typing and pick up the phone ... which ironically takes less time than trying seven different passwords and getting logged out.

Wait? Do you hear that sound? The sound of one, tiny freckled fist raging against the world?

Oh, maybe it's just me ....