Take your QR code and …

You thought I was going to say shove it, didn’t you? No, I’m not going to go all David Allen Coe/Johnny Paycheck on ya.

But will you take your QR code and add a call to action?

Will you let me know why I should use it and not just be annoyed that you plopped it unceremoniously on your ad/brochure/self-mailer/save-the-date card?

I’m not in love with QR codes, but my hesitation aside, I’m honestly flabbergasted when I receive a mailing or see an ad with one on it and there’s not one syllable of copy letting me know what significant value add said squiggly square possesses.

And I’m in the biz, man. I already know what these little babies are supposed to do. You send one of these to my dad? He will think your printer owes you a serious refund. My sister, even? She’s younger than me and would give you some serious side eye if you plonk this down on her coupon for K-cups without telling her what it is.

People seem to be in love with QR codes for QR codes’ sake. Big mistake, Indy.

Until they achieve a lot more saturation, a call to action will go a long way toward helping your customers/attendees/prospects appreciate and adopt them.