Before Directing Your Donors & Attendees to the Website …

I’m going to force myself to write this without being Sassafrass the SmartyPants from Sarcasm Town.

… going to force myself …

If one is going to make tickets to an event or the opportunity to donate to one’s worthy cause available solely on line, please make sure one’s site is fully functional in that respect prior to printing and mailing hundreds of pieces of mail directing constituents in that direction.


Three times this week, I’ve heard the same variation on a truly cringe-worthy story. Organizations seriously had the order of operations wrong. You MUST make sure your website is done and fully functional before 1) using the web as your sole call to action and 2) investing in printing to get your people there.

A SUGGESTION: A good plan would be to always have at least a couple ways for people to take action. Different donors and attendees may prefer different methods—mailing a reply, making a call or using the web.

By making several action pathways available, you’re making your constituents feel heard and making it easy for them to do what you want them to do. Plus, you’re avoiding a potential logistics nightmare when your rose-colored plan to have the website ready doesn’t quite come through.