Don't Add Me to Your Email List

It all started out so great.

"You have to meet him," a client insisted. "You have so much in common."

She was right. I liked "Bob" right away. We talked shop (as only fellow writers can). We laughed. We exchanged a few one-on-one emails, but weeks turned into months. We lost touch. No big deal—it happens.

But then something else happened. As quickly as our friendship was forged, I became part of his "cultivation strategy."

My inbox became home to his "tips" ... his eNewsletter ... and whatever other musings he had on tap. Not personal messages, just constant reinforcements that "Bob" is the right man for the job (I'm not even a bona fide prospect by the way).

He was a star player in my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds too. Terrific.

Then it hit me. He was doing everything right—or so it seemed. Engagement. Nurturing. Frequency. The drums we marketers beat. But in following all the best practices, he lost me.

I know what you might be thinking. You could unsubscribe, Merritt. But that seems harsh. After all, I did/do like the guy. I know he can track his unsubscribes on a dashboard that looks much like mine.

In an age of technological wonder, just because you can doesn't mean you should. Keep those prized personal email relationships exactly that — personal.