Go Ahead and Say It


When you're getting input on writing projects, do you ever notice how often people say things like, "I want to give the impression that we're bold and proactive. We're not just waiting to react ..." Or something like that. Explaining their mission or USP from the hip in a spontaneous and real way.

Strong words. Succinct. Clippy.

Pretty good, really.

But then you're at the keyboard and you feel the need to say it differently. To take that very direct, plain and effective language and muck it up with qualifiers and more unusual words because you are a write-ah!

Don’t. It won't work nearly as well.

One of the ways I can usually tell a more experienced copywriter from a less experienced one is the degree to which they've tightened up their writing and done away with the need to say something in 20 words when 10 will do ... when 10 is so much better.

Also, I think clients like to hear/see their own words come back to them if it works. I used to think it was my job to craft a 100% original piece of work every time I sat down, that that's what clients expected. Now I know my job is to say what needs to be said the best, most effective way possible. Period.