How Your Nonprofit Can Repurpose Content

In a recent chat with a development director, she lamented that they would like to start an enewsletter if only they had the staff to do it. "No time to write all those articles," she said with a heavy sigh.

True. A monthly eNewsletter does require attention and dedication, but there are ways to make it easier by looking at sources you may have already have within reach. Here are some ideas:

1. Need success stories? Ask program staff for thank you letters from those your organization has helped or other affected by your work. Usually, with a little legwork, these transform into great features for eNewsletters (and remember, these can be brief!). Still coming up short? Post a quick note on your Facebook page, and see what story leads you get there.
2. Need content for direct mail appeals? Get your hands on leadership speeches, grant applications, videos, legislative testimony or other organizational collateral. The content may be more formal than is needed for an appeal, but you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you can glean from these sources.
3. Need ideas for email campaigns? It sounds counter intuitive, but look offline for great online ideas. We've had great success taking longstanding offline programs and finding ways to bring online applications to them. For example, with VFW, we recommended bringing audio recordings of their Voice of Democracy essay competition to the web, so they can be shared with friends and families of participants. Great engagement!     
One caveat. Repurposing is rarely as easy as copy and paste. It requires some rewriting for the audience and purpose, but it's better than starting at the beginning—and usually better content, too.