It's Time To Change (with proper credit to Peter Brady)

The Mid-America AFP Chapter held it's National Philanthropy Day (NPD) celebration at the first of the month, and can I just say ... yeowza. In the best way, with all the hot damn connotations inherent in yeowza: YEOWZA.

Well done, friends.

I was on the NPD committee a few years ago and we stuck with convention. Kept the event "as is" for too long in retrospect. The new blood completely changed things up and in doing so, revitalized an event that was beginning to grow a little lackluster and suffer waning attendance.

If one two-hour gala can provide learnings both professional and universal, then they must be shared, yes?

1. Get out the way. The old guard (of which I was part, so this cannot be construed as hating) was burnt out. We weren't really willing to go there anymore. We got out of the way and let a whole new committee take the reins that was all fired up. They went there, glory ensued.

2. People like wine and beer more than coffee and stale pastries. Can it ever be stressed enough?

3. Calculated risk is good. Status quo can get too comfy. I applaud the NPD committee chair and her steadfast committee members on their willingness to go all the way. It took a lot of work, and it wasn't cut and dried perfect every step of the way, but they stuck it out. They listened to the immortal words of Peter Brady as he warbled in his prepubescent falsetto: "It's time to change."

Indeed, Peter. Indeed.