What does origami have to do with fundraising?

When I was a kid, all the girls would make a peculiar form of origami ... a fortune-telling game that kept us occupied for hours.

I'd forgotten all about it ... that is, until I got KU's Year-End Alumni Appeal.

Included in a brightly colored package was a simple nostalgic piece of paper. I couldn't wait to introduce my little girl to the same odd pasttime.

We folded the paper together, and she quickly got the hang of it. For nearly 45 minutes, she read me every, single fortune. Not surprisingly, they provide some pretty great reasons for making a donation.

This enclosure is brilliant on many levels:

1. It's unexpected—Sure they could have sent me a flyer with all these same facts, but it wouldn't have had sticking power.

2. It's low cost—Just the cost of a single sheet of paper maintained my interest (and my daughter's). The message never strayed from the mission, either. 

3. It creates a positive association—It's not easy to evoke an emotional reaction in direct mail. This package not only put a smile on my face and gave me a warm feeling, but also had me considering pulling out my checkbook.