ABYRWA - Read this post and all will be revealed ...

Ok, I made up that acronym to be a cheeky little bird. It stands for "Avoid Bewildering Your Reader With Acronyms." After spending some time on LinkedIn and listening to the laments of a few fellow board members for the Association of Fundraising Professionals — Mid-America Chapter (AFP), I had to comment.

But first, see what I did there? In the first mention of AFP, I spelled out the complete association name. I'm surprised how often this doesn't happen in professional communication and online. Maybe I'm just not hip to the lingo, but I find myself googling things left and right because people assume everyone knows who they are.

I was guilty of this myself with AFP, which is why I used the example. We were getting a little insider-style in our communications and the way we spoke of the organization to others. One day another board member told me someone finally stopped him and said, "What's AFP?" He'd been on the board two years and this wasn't the first time he spoke about "AFP" to his confused amigo.

Kind of hard to get people to take the next step (check you out online, join, etc) if they're not really sure what your name is.

A minor consideration? Sure.

Worth considering? Definitely.