Google for Nonprofits: 9 Tips for Writing Successful Ads

Google is one of the world’s largest search networks and, if used it correctly, can be a great marketing tool for your nonprofit. Here are some tips to get you started writing Google AdWord ads that will get results …
  1. Be Specific
    A single ad can’t be everything to everyone. Make sure it falls under a very tight-knit, specific theme. For instance, if you feed the hungry and also provide housing to the homeless, you should try creating a group of ads for each.

  2. Consider Your Competitors

    How are you different from the competition? What unique value or benefit can you offer your constituents? Good examples include: double your gift, 100% to charity.

  3. Put Logic Before Creativity
As writers, we love to put a creative spin on things. Not this time. Keywords will grab your readers’ attention much faster than good writing. Keep it simple.

  4. Take the Words Out of Your Constituents’ Mouths

    You may provide “financial assistance to low-income families,” but to your supporters, you may just “help the poor.” Know the lingo, and listen to how your constituents describe the work you do.

  5. Include a Call to Action

    What do you want someone to do once they click your ad? Examples include: donate now, call us, learn more, save a life.

  6. Be Relevant

    You don’t write ads in a vacuum. Make sure the page you link to will deliver on your promise. If a searcher can’t find what he’s looking for in two clicks, he probably won’t come back to your site.

  7. Remove Common Words

    Words like “the, a, an, it, of, etc.,” take up valuable real estate. You only have a total of 95 characters. Make them count.

  8. Be Time-Sensitive

    Search engine users are in a hurry to find what they’re looking for. You can grab their attention by using words like “today” or “right now.”

  9. Try Forgetting the Name of Your Organization

    Chances are your constituents aren’t searching for you, they’re searching for a mission to support, or assistance for themselves or a loved one. Keep it in perspective.