2013 Bridge Conference Highlights

Bob, Monica and I had a great time at the Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference in Baltimore earlier this month. If you haven't considered going, I highly recommend it. The conference was sold out. Energy was high, and the content was solid. Here are some of my takeaways from the sessions I attended:

1. Overall fundraising outlook is good, but all the moving parts and pieces need to be in tip top shape to succeed.
2. While acquisition of new donors is still important, taking care of existing ones is paramount. Far too many charities leave donors in a communication wasteland.
3. Authentic mission-focused content is what donors want and demand. Respect the relationship.
4. Acquiring monthly donors should be a top focus—and taking care of them.
5. Donors are looking for charities that deliver outcomes, not just programs.

For more detailed Bridge takeaways, take a look at Nonprofit Times.