3 Writing Tips

A recent Salon article offers 7 ways to write well from home. Great tips.

The topic piqued my interest because I find myself copywriting at home, at work, on airplanes, at conferences, in waiting rooms—you get the idea! Here are a few extra tips I'd throw in there:

1. Write when you are freshest.

My maximum brain energy comes in the morning. Early in my career, I learned that putting off copywriting until the afternoon was sort of like studying for the final at 3 am. 

2. Set small goals.

Contrary to what many believe, copywriters don't get the luxury of waiting for the muse to come. If I'm faced with a big project, I use a strategy I learned from our Creative Director Monica Tiffany. Chunk it out into bite-sized pieces and put mini-deadlines on it. You can even do this by word count.

3. Phone a friend.

If I'm copywriting away from Merrigan & Co. international headquarters (yes, it's a vast empire) and feel stuck, I'll call into the office and talk through the copy I have. Without fail, that gets me unstuck or oftentimes sends me in an even better direction.

What inspires your writing? We'd love to hear!