Year End Copywriting Basics


Every organization has its own unique story.

But every year end appeal — regardless of the nonprofit — has some similar ingredients available to add urgency and increase response rates. Here are a few of the tried and true year-end rules we see generate returns:

  • Provide a Deadline. Do you need those dollars to start the next year strong? Is there a project that will go unfunded if you don't raise a certain amount by a certain date? Share that information in an authentic, honest way without giving a boy-who-cried-wolf vibe and trust your donors to step up.
  • Provide a Dollar Amount. Building on the previous idea ... If there's a dollar amount that will allow your group to hit budget, help another family or shelter another animal put it in your copy. Our minds are wired to latch onto specifics. Giving donors a tangible goal helps in that department.
  • Provide Outcomes. Testing has shown that donors aren't as interested in the myriad programs your organization has as much as the nitty gritty of real outcomes and real people/animals/etc helped by their investment in your work. Be clear and to the point — and make it plain as day their contributions are the fuel behind every kind and life-changing act.

What are your go-to copy standards for year end?