Merritt Engel, Monica Tiffany Assume Ownership of Merrigan & Co. (M&C)

Business partners now co-own the 25-year-old agency that specializes in messaging and strategy for nonprofits

After a gradual transition process that began in the fall of 2010, Merritt Engel and Monica Tiffany have assumed equal co-ownership of Merrigan & Co. (M&C). The duo have worked alongside each other at the company for the past ten years and look forward to leading the business started by Bob Merrigan in 1990.

"It's been a very natural process," said Tiffany. "Our clients and partners won't notice a huge change."

Merrigan will continue to work with clients and serve as President. He's excited to usher in a new era of leadership at M&C.

"This is our 25th year in business," he shared. "Merritt and Monica have been instrumental in helping the company grow to this point and their transition to co-ownership is a logical next step. I'm happy to celebrate this milestone and look forward to our continued growth."

M&C specializes in messaging and strategy for non-profit clients. The agency, housed in a recently rehabbed office on the corner of 55th and Troost, has clients ranging from national organizations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Unity Village to other local and regional clients.

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