M&C in the KC Business Journal—5 Tips For a Smooth Business Purchase

We were so honored to be featured in last week's issue of the KC Business Journal. Merritt and I shared the 5 main tips that led to a successful purchase of M&C from our main man, Bob Merrigan. We'll be sharing the full article soon, but in the meantime (and if you have a subscription) you can read it on the KC Business Journal site.

Tips teaser:

  1. Seek professional counsel
  2. Separate church and state
  3. Get a 3rd party valuation
  4. Find out if you spend money and approach risk the same way as your business partner
  5. If you don't trust one another implicitly, don't even start

Many thanks to James Dornbrook at the Journal for writing a fantastic article and being such a pleasure to work with ... and the talented and dedicated Debbie Hagen of Hagen and Partners for her invaluable PR help.