Text to Give and Ranger Josh

Meet Ranger Josh.

On a recent visit to Yosemite National Park, Josh was our tour guide ... and a fantastic one. A former college professor, Josh drove us through the wonders of Yosemite for two hours. It was utterly amazing, a completely immersive experience. My Dad and I witnessed the greatness of El Capitan. We marveled at the trees that had stood for thousands of years. We learned how the National Parks were established. And we heard about the vision that they would be protected in perpetuity for all future generations.

Josh was a masterful storyteller ... making the tour even more magnificent with each turn. Near the end, Josh began to tell us about incredible resources required to maintain a park of this magnitude ... and the animals who live there. Then he briefly mentioned the Conservation organization that supports Yosemite. My ears perked up ... I waited for the close ... I waited ... but then ... but no.

"Thank you for coming," he cheerfully said as we disembarked. 

More than 50 people arrived full of emotion about Yosemite, but Josh had never asked us to do ANYTHING. 

This would have been the perfect application of a text to give program. Yes, text to give is notoriously difficult in "non-crisis" fundraising. But to me, this is different. This is the opportunity to capture the emotion of the moment before people go home and their memories fade. How different it would have been if Josh said, "... and there something YOU can do about all of these challenges at Yosemite RIGHT NOW. Pull out your phone ... "

If your nonprofit is creating experiential opportunities like this, there is power in immediacy. Think of ways to seize the moment ... and take your fundraising to the finish line.