Planned Spontaneity & Using What You Learn: Smart Social for Nonprofits

We recently spoke with Carli Howard Good, Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City, for our podcast M&C Nonprofit Marketing Talk. She shared some invaluable ideas to help nonprofits interact on—and make the best use of—social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

If you haven’t already, have a listen and benefit from our conversation with Carli. It’s a… good one. How do you resist that pun? You do not. Surrender. Enjoy. Continue.

At M&C, we’ve been doing some really interesting work in integrating social media into an overall marketing and fundraising plan for some of our clients lately. Here are a couple more recommendations to tack onto Carli’s ideas you can put to work for your group:

  • Planned Spontaneity sounds weird, but it works. Carli talks about how important interaction is on social media, and that’s the double truth, Ruth. This is probably the one thing that freaks people out the most: “If we’re not all in, all the time, it doesn’t count!” Relax, friends… If you have a small staff and don’t have acres of time to devote to social media, schedule it. Make it part of your calendar to reply to X posts this week…agree with someone…thank them for posting some particularly useful content…then, over and out! Schedule following people, too. If it’s in the plan it will get done and not seem like an insurmountable task. It doesn’t have to be.
  • Use what you learn across all your channels. Carli mentioned using social media to listen during the podcast. Yes indeed, gentlewoman. But be sure to use what you hear. Planning your next direct mail appeal? Find out what your community is fired up about and weave it in. Need ideas for blog and web content? Log on and take notes. Chances are your constituents are serving them up for you on your social channels.

This month we welcome Angie Heer on M&C Nonprofit Marketing Talk. We’ll talk about the great things going on in fundraising at Avila and congratulate her on being honored with the Excellence in Fundraising Award during the AFP Mid-America Chapter’s National Philanthropy Day celebration on November 15, 2016.