Every Picture Tells a Story—Make Sure It’s One You Want to Tell…

I recently saw a post from an annual event some members of our team usually attend. It’s a big deal in our industry and I know a lot of people went. Full stop.

The photo they used, probably in haste—in the moment to be sure as one does on social media—didn’t give that impression. Instead, we saw a cavernous auditorium with a few bored looking people in the audience. The valiant speaker, gesticulating emphatically. Apparently to no avail.

Unfortunately, the messages we’re all hearing about how spontaneous photos and videos improve content and boost engagement don’t always come with a critical caveat:

Use images that say what you want them to say. Dull images are still…dull.

That said, a few tips for using images on social and on your website:

Split second editing/shot planning. Take a few seconds to line up a good photo that evokes the message you want to get across. If our friends in the above situation had maybe taken a shot of a group gathered in conversation or just a shot of the energetic speaker that could, that photo would have created an entirely different perception. 

Remarkable. Yes or No? Certainly every photo doesn’t need to be life-changing. But nor should every photo be of people gathered for meetings, grip and grins or not so engaged attendees scrolling through Facebook during the presentation. Challenge yourself to look for the novel, interesting candid before posting.

Once Is Not Enough. Is not just a name of a tacky novel published in the 70s. It’s your mantra as a photographer. Take a ton of pics and then select the cream of the crop for your post.

Spend a Little Time on the Caption. Maybe Eddie and Pats can get away with just using “lots of lovely photos…” But do yourself a favor and add a caption that’s funny/thoughtful/interesting/contextual. People like to know what they’re looking at.

Now get out there and capture THE MOMENT for all eternity. And if you got the Ab Fab reference, thank you, sweetie darling.