Slow your roll, Digital Warrior

The power and might of the physical mailing address

Like so many of my fellow year-end givers, I was moved to give to different organizations in December of 2016 in light of the incoming…administration. I hope the side eye that lies in those italics is palpable. That is my one and only digression into bemoaning the state of the state. This blog is about fundraising, damn it!

Ok, I’ve given you context, now on to the vexing issue at hand. I sought out organizations I had never given to before because of the work they do and the reputations they have. Let me repeat that: I was finding nonprofits that hadn’t asked me for money to give them money….

I won’t name names here, but they were some of the biggies. Some were small and local, but by and large—they were large.

But guess what?

I’m that person who likes to give by check. I didn’t want to use my credit card. I thought, “No problem. I’ll just click on ‘donate’ and their online donation forms will have an address for me.”

But I was so wrong. So wrong.

Not one organization I researched and wanted to donate to included a physical address for donors to send their contributions to. Can you believe that?

I was so mad I sent Merritt a million word text that only made me feel better for about two seconds. It was bad. Merritt had to read a million words. Thousands of which were expletives…

There were places and suggestions on said donation forms for me to:

  • Become a monthly donor
  • Give in honor of someone
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter that I donated
  • Include the organization in my estate plans
  • Sign up for an e-newsletter

But nowhere for me to send a check.  A check that would have had my complete address on it so they could start mailing me thank you notes, newsletters and hey…maybe even fundraising appeals!

So please, people of Earth. Put a physical address for donations on your donation forms.

Contrary to what some over zealous social media and digital vendors may tell you, “everything” is not digital. And likely won’t be for a good long while.

Please don’t leave money on the table from people with the potential to be turned into some of your very best, most ardent donors and supporters.