Facebook Fundraisers: A Review


Tomorrow is my birthday. When you're turning 41, it doesn't have the same allure as it did in the 5th grade. But this momentous occasion wasn't lost on Facebook. I was reminded in my feed several days before that not only was my birthday coming up, but also I could donate the birthday to a nonprofit to fundraise on Facebook. It's called Facebook Fundraisers, and it launched in March of this year.  

The fundraiser part of me perked up—"what a great idea!"

But another part of me reared up at the same time—"Gosh, that might be annoying to my friends, and presumptuous to ask for a gift in honor of my birthday!"

I decided to give it a spin ... 

In just five minutes, I had a personal fundraiser set up. I was a skeptic at first about Facebook Fundraisers, but this may be the slickest peer-to-peer setup I've seen. So why do I think Facebook fundraisers have great potential? 

1. It meets people where they are. No new logins. No uploading friend lists to a new system. It taps into everything that's already created through Facebook. 

2. It's prepopulated. Not a writer? No problem. Don't know the nonprofit's address? Worry not. You can click through with generic content, and voila, you've built a webpage!

3. Built-in reminders. Like Pavlov's dog, a lot of people check notifications on Facebook. This provides a ready way to keep peoples' minds on the fundraiser and energies high. 

If you haven't already, I recommend you take a closer look. For nonprofits, be sure to make sure you have a Facebook page in place that uses pleasing imagery and includes complete information. Facebook Fundraisers leverages all that information in individual fundraisers.