Call to Action Reflection


A Rallying Cry for Common Sense and a Smooch to Great Proofreaders Everywhere

So, Las Vegas…

Just not my thing, kitties. I was there for a quick weekend getaway because the mans had a conference. The million dollar crappy drinks. The wheezing, dejected fog of despair that hangs over every gambling pit like a neon stink. The hotels designed to keep you in and keep you spending.

Enough to make a little girl from the prairie want to pick up her phone and FaceTime Missouri. Sorry Vegas.

After the trip was over and we were headed home, I found myself in the luxurious Las Vegas airport bathroom. Don’t worry. The detailed descriptions stop here…

But I will share with you the ad that was plastered on the bathroom stall door and hilariously annotated by a sharp-witted lady friend who had been there before me.

The ad was for human trafficking. Awful and wrenching. You see a lot of ads about recognizing it and what to do about it all over Vegas.

But this one had a really lurid “after” photo of a gross hotel rendezvous…and a phone number for people to call if they have fallen victim to human trafficking.

Stop. Assess.

The note that was written on the stall door in black Sharpie read: “They don’t give you a phone when they kidnap you and sell you as a sex slave. Something else?”

A couple things:

  • Make sure your call to action is actionable.
  • Sometimes the simplest ads and ad copy require the most thinking and finesse. Put in the time or fall prey to Sharpie woman.
  • I believe a thorough proofreader would have caught this. The most important person you’ll ever hire is a thoughtful and skilled proofreader.

Viva Las Vegas.