I Know It’s Only a Piece of Paper, But I Like It

Mick and Keith are rock and rollers and sing about rock and roll. I am a lowly writer and write about writing…

And lowly is the theme of this humble little post about an unassuming BUT MIGHTY communications piece I encountered in a Crown Center parking garage a while ago.

If you know me, I’m the kind of person who could get lost in my own neighborhood. Making it back up the stairs in my own house after putting a load of laundry in is a feat…not really. I’m not that bad, but hopefully I’ve illustrated my plight. I get lost real easily, fam.

Finding my car in the parking garage—even remembering which level I’m on—after a meeting or happy hour (Lord help me, after a happy hour where I’ve actually relaxed and let my mind wander from my vehicle’s precise locale…) is a thing.

Imagine my joy as I pressed the parking garage elevator button and saw this sweet bright orange beacon of hope in a little plexiglass holder on the wall.

It’s not fancy. It doesn’t have a QR code that takes me to the website with my PURL that I had to register for 3 days before parking my car. It’s just a simple, effective orange piece of paper I can throw in my purse while I enjoy myself at Crown Center.

I laughed out loud when I grabbed it. So effective and cheap. I loved it. I keep it at my desk to remind me that sometimes the most helpful communications are the most plain and direct, i.e., if it’s not complicated—don’t complicate it.